A friend who taught me to travel……

So I purchased this website on 1st march 2021, and was thinking of writing a blog for a long time. But as I was never good at writing articles so it never happened till now. Sorry for poor english in advance. 

mukul chaubey

His name was mukul chaubey. Yup you heard it right. Was not is. We lost him to covid last week. I hope I could have written this article earlier so he could also have read this. We were classmate from class 11th but our bond solidified after I guess 2009(passing 12th) or something.  

So this is how it all began. Fast forward to October 2012. 

his bike

He was having Avenger bike at that time and one day he came to me with a plan to travel to Mathura without telling our parents as it was our first bike trip and parents wouldn’t have allowed us to take this journey. I also got equally excited and said yes without even a second thought. 

As it was our first trip so we had zero planning and we just knew that we have to return by the evening so our parents couldn’t know about it. On the day of travel he came to my house at 9:00 AM and I told my parents that I am going to his house to spend some time and will return in the evening similarly he told the same at his house. 

And thats how our Journey started. our original plan was to reach mathura by 12:30 PM, spend one hour there and return home by five in the evening but this is delhi-NCR and there is always traffic so it wasn’t until 11 AM when we crossed Noida, after that it was a smooth ride on National Highway, we were totally enjoying our journey.

At approximately 1:00 PM we stopped at a dhaba to have lunch which was delicious then did some photography after that we moved ahead by the time we reached vrindavan it was 2:30 PM and Mathura was still 6 kilometers from there but we decided to return from there itself as it was already getting late so we have had some cold drink and chips from a stall, rested there for a few minutes and started our return journey.

black him. brown me.
rendom click

We were back by 7:00 PM (with a tire puncture and paying rs200 to a cop in between) although over travel was not as successful as we had expected but it was fun and taught us many things which proved very useful in our upcoming journeys after that we have done few more travels together like Taj Mahal, fun and food village, Crossing a deserted River bypass With almost zero petrol on a rainy day (which was scary as hell but fun) etc. After this trip planning also improved dramatically. That was a fun time. 

school get to gether
at my birthday
fun and food village.
in delhi metro with friends.

Some differences came in our friendship after 2015 and we were not talking as much as we used to. But when I see back at those days, You will always be remembered by us as very close and dear friend and who taught me to travel solo without being afraid of what comes next 

If everything is certain it gives depression.  The “WOW” factor in life comes from uncertainty.


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