myself while on trek to baba amarnath.

Hi, I am VARUN BANSAL, traveler at Heart(Isn’t that obvious ha ha….) bought up And raised in a small village Lailunga (Chhattisgarh, India). When I was eight my parents brought me to this concrete jungle. But those mountains, rivers, jungles, dams, animals always remained in my heart.

It wasn’t until 2012(22 years) when I had my first solo trip to Goa. That experience changed my life. For the first time I had control over my trip, my finances, my mistakes, Every experience was new different.

After that I have done skiing, scuba-diving, lots of tracking, skydiving, travelled few countries and list goes on.

That made me hooked to travel. I was always short on money to travel but somehow I managed to travel once a year, that once soon became twice and now I make sure to travel at least once every quarter.

I wish to leave this boring job of mine and pursue travelling full time (target by my birthday 2025).

You will get to learn tested travel tips which I gained over the years of my travel experience.

Unheard interesting stories of fellow travelers and locals.

How to travel on shoe string budget and much more.

If i can do it so can you.