Bucket list

Life is short, so why not do what we love the most in life. So here’s my bucket of things to do in life for it to be called a fulfilling life for me. You can select some of the things from this list while making your own list…..

Makeing love on top of Mount Everest

So this one is at no 1 for me to achieve in this life. If I get it done then I can die in peace. but most difficult part of doing it is getting a partner, as i am so single at the moment. but certainely one day it will become a posibility. only if indian judicery system support because i m fighting a divorce case now and judicial system in india is painfully slow. But i will do it before i turn 45. currently i m 32 years old.

Running a sub 4 marathon

it was 2013 when i ran my first and only marathon in 7hrs 45 mints. it was damn painful as i was overly un prepared for that. just finished half marathon 3 months back with timing of 2hrs and 40 minutes so i was confident that i can do full one in 6 houres. but it was a bummer, and very painful, it was so painful that i didnt even tried to do a full marathon again. after that life sucked and i gained lots of weight from 64kg in 2013 to 92 kg in 2021 when i wasnt even able to climb stairs without getting out of breath, its then when it struck me that i need to run again. so started running and now i m at 85 kgs approx and recentely (october 2022) completed 10 km run in 65 minutes. and hopefully complete this damn full marathon under 4 hours with lots of practice in year 2023.

Doing chadar trek and roopkund trek

these two treks are in my top treks to do and that too soon may be by 2024 i will complete both these treks.

chadar trek is a difficult one and also on the verge of getting extinct as a road parallel to this trek is being built so after road is buitl it make no sense to go on this trek.

second one is roopkund trek which takes one to hundreds of dead body scattered in a lake who died around 1200 years ago. govt has banned camping in medows so its difficult to do now without camping but not imposible.

Getting six pack abbs by 33rd birthday

this one is very much doble as i m already half way to this target. from 92 kg a year back to 85 kg now. it was a slow progress and six pack is in distant future but of all other bucket items this one is most easily doable. 33rd birthday is in 6 months from now and i will be able to achieve it by then.